La Galiana Golf



Designer: Moon Masters

Founded: 2011

Carretera Alzira – Tabernes de la Valldigna CV-50, km.11, 46740 Carcaixent, Valencia

961 103 838

Lt.:39.082177 Long.:-0.357753

18% discount off Green fees on the public rate at the time


Located in a valley isolated from any urban environment, in Costa Blanca area and within a perfectly preserved Mediterranean forest, it offers 200 hectares of which 60 are for golf and its facilities.

The golf course, is located in a valley that is isolated from any urban environment and within a perfectly preserved Mediterranean forest. The wide presence of different types of pine trees as well as a large collection of shrub species, makes the environment a natural refuge for a large number of animal, birds and even some types of amphibians that gradually become attracted once more by an environment that years ago they were originally expelled from due to the agricultural use of the property.

The total area of the land covers 200 Ha of which 60 are destined for the golf course and its facilities. Due to the topography of the land and its vegetal wealth, masses of forest have been left included within the design, creating green spaces that, in some cases, are considered hazards and others out of bounds but they have undoubtedly added more more natural elements to the course.

The transformation of agricultural environment to golf course, made some of the holes run at different levels, giving the sensation of having been sculpted within the terrain of mountain rock. In part if it was so, but the different levels of orange fields marked the lie of the land.

No doubt the main design intent is to create golf course in which the natural environment reclaimed its space, lost years ago due to continuous traditional agricultural activities in the area.